Just a chocobo with opinions

I am most certainly not a genderbent chocobo furry. That would be incredibly weird and I assure you that I am not weird. all of that was a lie.


Stiles huffed out a breath, his eyelids flickering open. Derek lifted his head and closed his lips over the boy’s nose, tonguing his nostrils thoroughly.

when fics throw shit at you that you most certainly did not ask for



In order to move the smaller raptors from a dirty box to a clean one, we’re supposed to sort of envelope the bird in a towel so they don’t bite. Instead, this fella swiped the towel out if my hands and proceeded to “pluck and eat” it.


Parrot flies in and races alongside guy on scooter.


I attached the cups on the foraging toy with leather cord so they wouldn’t be thrown all over the room - turns out this makes for an excellent toy! 

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